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Information for coaches

Getting set up:

  • Find the link for your team below. Click on the link for the information you need.

  • When you get to the Google Drive prompt the first time it will deny you access.

  • Request access – this will send me an e-mail providing the details for the e-mail account Google sees trying to get into the file.

  • If you are an authorised coach you will be given permission to access the file. You only have to request access once for each file.

Club policy and FA Guidance on COVID and returning to grassroots football

The latest Club policy and FA guidance on the return to grassroots football can be found at the following link (use the button to the right):

Key Information Resources

Links to ANSY FC forms

The links below will take you to the club forms that are available for you as coaches, parents and players to use:

Team Trackers

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