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ANSY FC complaints process

How do I make a complaint?

In the first instance please use our complaints form. It's a Google form but you can reach it by clicking on the pencil button on this page or by typing this link into a browser;

Using this form makes sure there is a record of your complaint and it is visible to the club committee.

What is the complaint process?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction, whether oral or written, and whether justified or not, from or on behalf of a complainant.


Whether a complaint is justified or not will be determined during the complaint handling process and will determine the outcome of the complaint. If a complaint is unjustified it will not be upheld, however the complaint should still be recorded.

Who is eligible to complain?

The following groups may raise a complaint about any Andover New Street Youth Team:

  • Players

  • Parents/supporters of players

  • Managers 

  • Member of the public directly affected by player, volunteer or supporter behaviour

  • Other teams

NOTE: It will normally be more appropriate for teams to raise complaints relating to matches through existing FA complaint procedures.

Key principles in managing complaints

  • Everyone is responsible for truly understanding the subject matter of the complaint

  • All available evidence is clearly identified, considered and investigated thoroughly

  • Individual circumstances must be appropriately considered

  • Blanket policies and procedures should never be applied unfairly

  • The person/s managing the complaint must remain impartial

  • Complaints shouldn’t be managed by individuals who are, or have been, involved within the subject matter of the complaint

  • The complaint will be discussed within a panel to ensure a reasonable and fair outcome

  • Consideration must be given to similarities with other complaints, including whether the issue identified has, or may, impact others.

  • All communications regarding the complaint should be recorded and stored safely and confidentially.

  • A record of the discussions of the panel, actions taken and documents received should be stored in a WhatsApp channel created for the individual complaint.

  • As calls aren’t recorded, summaries of these calls should be made with dates and times.

  • Actioned agreed form these calls should also be recorded.

  • All information should be shared with the panel.

  • Resolution should be agreed prior to sharing with the complainant.

  • Where the complaint is on behalf of someone, the appropriate permissions must be obtained.

Time limits for complaining

There is no time limit on when we can accept a complaint however, over time it becomes harder to put together the evidence needed to definitively resolve a complaint.

Complaint timelines

The complaint can be accepted either through telephone call, text or email but isn’t recorded until received through the submission of a complaint form via the Google form. If you need help using the form one of the committee can submit the information you share on your behalf.


The complaint must include the complainant’s full name and contact details and a full description of their concerns. The complainant must be reassured that this will remain confidential between those within the panel managing the complaint. However, we may need to speak with those involved during our investigation but confidentiality of personal details will be maintained.

Once the ANSY FC complaints form has been submitted:

  • Within 5 working days:

    • We will respond initially to explain how the complaint will be managed and what additional information we will need to conduct our investigation.

    • A complaints panel made up of at least 3 members of the ANSY FC committee will be formed.

  • Within 4 weeks: We aim to send a final response to the complainant. We reserve the right to extend this, if needed, in writing briefly explaining why and the new date we expect to resolve the complaint.

  • Final response should be given verbally and followed up with a written response.

Complaint escalation

If having made a complaint to ANSY FC you are unhappy with way we have conducted the complaint or the findings you have the right to appeal to Hampshire FA. For more details visit .

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