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  • nataliejwade

U11 Vixens Forth League Game.....

Saturday 15th October saw the U11 Vixens’ fourth League game away against Gosport Borough Violets.

It was clear that every one of the Vixens woke up with one thing on their mind- a win to continue their league streak. Paige and Isla held a steadfast defence throughout the match which when combined with a dominant attacking force in midfield and Maisy as a responsive presence in the goal- hailed a cracking result.

Goals came in from Ruby, Jessica, Bella B (3) and Bobby. This weeks’ game had Ruby not only as Captain but also nominated as the Opposition’s PoTM. The Vixens U11 Coaching Team were blown away by the girl’s reactivity, consistency and their fabulous performance on the pitch with all the players shaking hands when the whistle was blown.

What a marvellous display of teamwork and tenacity. Well done Vixens!! ⚽️⚫️🟢🦊🟢⚫️⚽️

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