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What a Saturday....

Saturday 28th January 2022

U9 Vixens on the road today at Emsworth. A right little fight for the first half with both teams getting chances to score with Rubie F on fire with shot after shot. Amazing defending by captain Bella T and grace at the back saved a few attempts as well. Freya ran around all game and a notable mention to Sophie for her first game! Molly was in defense for the first time, was full of grit and savannah with a stretched diving save made her day! A lot of knocks and tears still didn’t stop us!! Well done girls!

U10 Vixens were away at Wootton Basset in a friendly today for our first game. All the girls have moved up from U9 but still held their own against a fast and strong team. We had plenty of possession but struggled to make it count in the final third, a solid performance from the girls.

U8 Vixens. Some very tired little legs, but 10 wonderful goals and some amazing goalkeeping, and just a whole lot of smiles!

U12 Vixen Swifts. Away to City Ladies, who have recently joined the league. The Swifts were brutal, playing some wonderful passing football and wide play, much to the delight of our strikers. The opposition had no subs to give them extra players so we took players off, finishing with 7v9, and midfielder Flo in goal, who then made some wonderful saves to deny City the goal they deserved. But the girls just kept scoring to end at 15-0. The sort of result I thought these girls would be on the wrong end of at the start of the season, and a reminder to us all how impressive this lot have been week in, week out from day 1.

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